Services and Benefits

Meet some of our Services

You are the priority

You are our customer and as such we will offer you the best loads according to your tastes, preferences and business needs. Decide when you want to rest and get back on the road.


We know that it is crucial for trust to maintain transparency in all our processes, that is why you will always receive cargo confirmations with no cuts or edits.

Specialized Dispatch Service

We have a highly trained team to make you earn money, there is no forced dispatch, you make the decision.
We move Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van, Power Only.


We offer Liability and Cargo Insurance without Down Payment, and low cost.

No week on hold

Start working and within a week you get paid.


We offer a competitive fee in the market, with which you will be able to operate under our authority.

Weekly Reconciliation and Payments

We send all closings a day before so you can review them.
If everything is correct we make a direct transfer to your bank account every week.

Fuel Card

We offer you fuel card so you don’t have to use your own money. In addition, we give you attractive discounts per gallon depending on the category of customer you reach.

ELD Assistance

You will receive an e-book training and will be able to call 24 hours in case you need assistance.

Don’t spend $ before you start working

At Skylord we support you with the set up costs, permits and devices like GPS, ELD, Prepass, needed to start working.
This is paid to us once you have your first closing.

Road Assistance

The important thing and the priority is that you can continue with your load. Remember, if you fail, we fail, we are a team! That’s why our assistants are there to support you 24 hours a day on the road.

Your opinion matters to us

You can always talk to the management staff to be listened to, valued and expose any concern or situation that arises.
We will always try to help you and try to solve the problem in the best possible way to give you the service you deserve.

The Benefits of working with us

Free Mechanical Inspections

For Skylord, safety is the most important thing, that’s why we provide Level 1 inspections totally free of charge. This way you can prevent accidents and mishaps or delays on the road that end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Referral Commission

At Skylord we value the recommendation of our clients with their friends. For us that is the best way to grow with responsible people who want to work and do things right. So, when an Owner Operator starts working with us we give them a bonus for each referral* and discounts on your own operation fee*. Want more information? write us!

Free oil and filter change

Four-monthly program for those who comply with the free mechanical inspection plan.

Bonus for positive inspections

At Skylord we value excellence. For us, being responsible with your truck is very important; that’s why for every positive inspection you get from DOT, we reward you and when we run voluntary inspection campaigns the bonuses go up.

Owner Operator / Driver of the month

At Skylord every month we choose the customer of the month. To do this, we take into account the commitment at work, professionalism, level of responsibility in Safety, professionalism with loads, appointments, documentation, among others. Throughout that month we reduce your operation fee to reward your excellence

Customer categorization

At Skylord NOT all customers are the same, here we reward performance and excellence, we look for long term relationships with you That is why we have developed a categorization plan in which we reward and grant different types of benefits and discounts.

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